Stanko PolaničThis year we are about to mark twenty years of business operations. a long period for a person and a short period in a company’s business life. I am happy to realise that I am still surrounded by the co-workers that first helped me begin our story a long twenty years ago.

In this period, we have created a system employing 1500 people and its business activity encompasses the fields of agriculture with food processing, ecology linked to energy and informatics, and property construction. In these twenty years of operation, we have survived stormy and even tempestuous periods of business operations and succeeded in proving to our employees and business partners that we are worthy of their trust.

To us, this trust is binding and we are well aware of it. Intering Holding is now part of the European business community and, owing to the skill and hard work of its employees, is able to daily take up ever new challenges and opportunities. In the future, we should stay true to Trubar’s words “to stand and withstand” and true to the old truth that the whole is more than the sum of its parts – the two together a basis for the trust of so many people that we enjoy today.

SGP Pomgrad d.d.

With the beginning of march 2015, group Pomgrad got a new management board, with Igor Banič as chairman and Boris Sapač and Iztok Polanič as members of the board.

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